Everyone's A Hard Man Now
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'This World of Mine'

Tears from The Tracks
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'Coming Home'

Broken Timing
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'Gone Fishing'

Common Ground
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'Cast Iron'

Phil Hare

Phil Hare is widely regarded as one of the finest and most distinctive acoustic guitarists working on the current folk music circuit.

Among the many press quotes available on Phil; IAN WELLS of the DAILY TELEGRAPH wrote: ‘If folk song is history from underneath, then Phil’s songs are today’s broadsides’. The New York based magazine DIRTY LINEN wrote: ‘The songs are British, maybe even Northern English, but this guy is clearly a world class player’. ‘Some beautiful guitar playing from the vastly underrated Phil Hare ‘LIVING TRADITION’.

Phil’s latest 2010 101 album ‘Everyone’s A Hard Man Now’ is - one instrumental apart - entirely original, and is the result of a crazy day of songwriting inspired by contemporary social issues. This was followed by selected recording sessions over an 18-month period to produce arguably his most innovative album to date.
Much of the inspirational momentum has stemmed from bold production ideas and recording techniques by Mike, allied to Phil’s singular delicate guitar accompaniment. The sonic experience has been expanded further to present an overall sound which meshes solo acoustic guitar, saxophone and light percussion, and moves the songs beyond the more conventional ‘folk-style’ arrangements. It has been a rewarding experience for both producer/engineer and singer/writer and it is hoped that subsequent reviews will bear this out.

'This is the perennially hardworking Phil's fifth album, and possibly the one on which he comes closest to providing the listener with, if not necessarily a complete picture of his many skills, instead certainly a pretty accurate portrait of where he's at - at least for this very moment in time. Through a sequence of tracks that ranges from deft but tricky instrumental pieces to songs engaging with contemporary topics in general, songs of social conscience and/or often hard-hitting politically conscious commentary and back again, Phil sounds both relaxed and freshly fired-up. Notwithstanding Phil's own considerable talent, this is probably to a significant degree also much attributable to this latest album being a creative collaboration with his arranger, producer and engineer (and drummer) Mike Johnson, who brings a keenly innovative artistic interpretation to the soundscape of each song that's conducive with its mood and intent. Bringing in additional instrumentalists, notably Dave Gilbertson on saxes, Claire "Fluff" Smith on violin and cello and Chris Lee on bass and mandolin, has enabled Phil to touch base with his jazzier predilections (being a fan of Steely Dan, Weather Report and the late John Martyn in particular) and couch his songs in a more adventurous and more apposite musical setting. Of course, Phil's own stupendous acoustic guitar playing still drives the material - making it easily reproducible live - but the special colours of the saxes or strings further enhance Phil's distinctive vocal timbre and point the lyrics in exactly the right manner, making for great (and repeatable) armchair (or wherever) listening. Each track is a success in its own special way, from the serious beauty of When The Tide Comes In and This World Of Mine to the ominous and discordant horn chorale of The Police Didn't Come, the caustic soft-shoe rhythms of The Hedgefund Shuffle, and, perhaps most telling of all, the pared-down acoustic guitar embellishments of the acutely pertinent observational On A Saturday. Towards the end of the disc, some programming and sequencing is employed to good effect (on This Shrinking World), while welcome guest Gina Le Faux brings a gorgeous fiddle part to the disc's closer Steffi's Waltz. Some of the songs also include harmony vocals from Caitlin Hare, which are well managed (although I wasn't always entirely convinced that her own individual timbre sits ideally with Phil's). The disc's songs, all Phil Hare originals, are without exception a strong bunch, and contain some of the best he's written, while the subtly intricate instrumental pieces are a delight (even if some of them seem a tad brief or little more than interludes - Phil's expert rendition of the famous Music For A Found Harmonium, which opens the disc, could have been usefully prolonged too). This is a well-rounded disc, and it should please the twin contingents of Phil's loyal fan base (the folkie/activists and the guitar aficionados) while furnishing him with some new admirers amongst the younger listeners and practitioners of the burgeoning acoustic fraternity that, like Phil, is resolutely, and emphatically, very much still alive and well'. Dave Kidman October 2011

If, like me, you know Hare through the 'contemporary folk' scene, the jazzier side of his playing opens up a whole new box of delights, particularly on those tracks where he spars with Dave Gilbertson's sax. He's a versatile player at the top of his game. Oz Hardwick - R2 Rock'n'Reel

Phil’s 2005 album ‘Tears From The Tracks’ was a tour de force of solo acoustic guitar and voice and arguably the closest Phil has got to a ‘Best Of - Live album!’ ‘Tears’ features 10 original songs and 8 ‘covers’ of traditional and contemporary songs and tunes.

Internet’s FOLKTALK said: ‘Brilliant guitar, husky voice and impassioned delivery. Great hallmarks of a Phil Hare album’

In 2003, Phil released ‘Broken Timing’ which in terms of sound, production, and writing diversity, is a ‘sister’ album to ‘Hard Man’. It features exclusively original songs - two of which were collaborative efforts.

The esteemed UK magazine LIVING TRADITION said: ‘This is a fine album with a characteristic honesty of expression, a sharp observational edge, and a deep commitment to life’s important issues’.

In 1995 101 released Phil’s ‘Common Ground’ CD to great critical acclaim. Featuring stellar talents like Fiona Simpson and Joe Broughton, this album teems with passion and inspiration and was arguably the last time Phil tackled the ‘social issues’ of the day in song. The album features all original songs with some traditional tunes on guitar.

The famous US folk rag DIRTY LINEN said: ‘Some world-class playing from this fire-in-the-belly songwriter!’

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