No Strings Attached
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'Connies Song'

Highly Strung

No Strings Attached

Highly Strung are a duo, John Les and Gill Williams who first met in a pub during a 'session' (music) in 1989. It became quickly obvious that they shared a mutual interest in ballads, tunes of Appalachian Old Time Music, Bluegrass and Folk.

After a decade of performing around the country John and Gill approached 101 to do an album to take on their 2000 American Tour. The outcome produced this crispy 15 track CD combining a happy mixture of Appalachian folk songs and english ballads, some traditional and some new. The themes covered are the well known ones of families forced to seek new lands, the loss of loved ones, poverty, war and faith in the future: basically all the happy ones then :-) but lovingly performed and produced.

"Don't take these people lightly. They are the finest exponents of American Appalachian music playing today." - Sara Grey


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