The Continuing Adventures of....
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'The Road To Heswall'

Ben and Joe Broughton

The Continuing Adventures of....

The original irreverent brothers of the folk and blues scene debut album. Recorded in 1996 the Brothers are joined by Mike Johnson on drums and Phil Hare on guitar making up the band 'Daring Adventures'. On this 12 track high octane CD Ben and Joe are also joined by, Dave Manley, Alyson Symons, and Keith Hancock who put in inspired performances.


Chester brothers Ben and Joe Broughton title their album "The Continuing Adventures of..." as if part of an ongoing saga. Well whatever the reason the music on this particular episode is intriguingly good. "The Road to Heswall" crosses traditional music with funky bass and jazz-rock guitar in a fresh concoction while "Kitchen Girl Set" is their usual gig opener. Ben and Joe attack their music with almost reckless abandon but underneath there lies a deep respect for tradition. "I Still Want You" shows them more than capable songwriters with a penchant for creating haunting evocative works. "Midnight Skies" benefits from Alison Symons' backing vocals shining out and adding an extra foil for Ben's lead vocals. Ben and Joe Broughton in "The Continuing Adventures of..." have arrived at a fresh and ingenious take on traditional music and well crafted original songs. Here's to the next adventure. Rock'n'Reel

" Ben & Joe are also known as part of 'Daring Adventures', and some of the tracks on this CD have the whole band on them..Band or duo, they're obviously having fun and are fun to hear. The best track is a set of instrumentals with just fiddle and bass guitar, and unlikely combination that works so well it's spine-tingling. And listening to the first part of 'Fiddle Castro's Return to Galway' I thought if this were a sound-track I'd be scared to watch the film! - Folk on Tap



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