Mahone Brew
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'All the way over the sea'

On the Razzle
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'The Hanging Spar'

Songs Of The Back Bar
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'May Fair'

The Family Mahone

Cheshire’s foremost drinking band is currently ‘drying out’. After fourteen years of gigging and carousing it was felt by all that a break might be a good idea to save livers, marriages and what little was left of their sanity.

As far as we know, they have not split up though there are no plans to do anything together at the moment. There will certainly be no Mahones in 2011. It seems unthinkable that they would never play together again, but who knows what the future holds.

It has been an amazing ride from that gig in front of forty or so people in the back bar of The George and Dragon, Great Budworth on St.Patrick’s Day 1998. It has been a journey that has taken them as far South as that there London and the Shepherd’s Bush Empire and as far North as Shetland, taking in Glastonbury, Cropredy and the Cambridge Folk Festival along the way. However there is no need to feel bereft as you can get yourself a Mahone ‘fix’ anytime buy treating yourself to one of our classic albums available here on the seminal 101 imprint.

A bientot, Charlie,Christy,DJ,Doc,Donal,Jock and Rusty.

The Family Mahone have release three albums of original drinking songs: Songs of the Back Bar (1999), On the Razzle (2002) and Mahone Brew (2006). They have also plied their evil drinking song trade up and down the country including appearances at the Cambridge Folk Festival, Cropredy Festival, Loopallu, Shepherd’s Bush Empire, Manchester Academy and just about every pub, club, toilet and opium den within striking distance of Chester.


A bunch of disparate characters masquerading under unlikely aliases Donal, Bootsy, Christy, DJ, Doc and Rusty - if only the seven dwarfs had been second generation Irish punk folkies. Among them the famous and not so famous, but all the sort of good time musicians who drink and play hard. Totally tongue in cheek, this sounds like an addled cross of The Pogues and Jack the Lad, if such a thing were imaginable. Drummer DJ Mahone - big clue there - has a suitable sandpaper n' Guinness vocal which tackle a bunch of witty originals like Mahones World Tour and Tear it all Down particularly pertinent to Manchester, the Mahones' home stomping ground. Tackling trad staple The Raggle Taggle Gypsies in an appealing, cockeyed, north west bluster, which typifies their whole approach; bugger authenticity, what's the beer like? Well worth investigating. " Simon Jones, Folk Roots April 2000"

Recorded live 'on a Monday night in Manchester', the debauched glory is captured on their raucous workouts featuring accordian, fiddle, bano and guitar all of which collide against a suitable stomping backline and intelligently irreverent lyrics ..."Well it's a too-ra and a loo-ra we forget the bloody words; the one we know are slurred......" Although a decidedly lo-fi production job, the band certainly fire out the tunes with real authority as a mandolin-led 'Kaliope House / Lark in the Morning' shows, and like Mr. MacGowan, they are no slouches in the atmospheric balled department ("Cheese and Beer") DJ (aka Mark Radcliffe, Radio 1 DJ) is actually the vocalist and drummer of these Manchester-based nutters, who should be appreciated for their sense of humour and sheer fun. Enjoy. Sean McGhee - Rock 'n Reel

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